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Special Places: Geological and Historical Experiences
needles graphic There is a lot of history in the Doug. This Page combines the geological and historical experiences, because it is all historical. The Needles, shown to the left, are a part of the oldest history of the Doug. They are a part of the old Cascades, which were the first volcanic experience of the Cascades, and cover all earlier history of the Doug. You can read a bit about the geology of the Quartzville Creek area, which is also about the formation of the Cascades, old and new.

jumpoff joe & iron mtn Tvedt graphic
Jump Off Joe with Iron Mountain in the distance
rabbit ears Tvedt graphic
The Rabbit Ears in the Menagerie Wilderness
scar mtn spires Tvedt graphic
Scar Mountain Spires
Three photos above courtesy of David Tvedt
The old volcanic attributes of the Doug show up on peaks and spires, as well as in the road and River cuts.

snag small graphic trail through forest small graphic opal creek old forest smaller graphic
The more recent history of the Doug starts with the trees.
santiam wagonroad sign graphic auto race sign graphic
The visible history of the Doug recorded on paper and signs is concentrated along the South Santiam River and the Santiam Wagon Road. This may have been the first road built to travel from west to east. It certainly served as an important part of the first transcontinental auto race.
You can hike the Santiam Wagon Road Trail and come in to contact with all of the history of the Doug, from the old road, to the trees, to the river, to the distant volcanic past.

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