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Special Places: Mountains

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The great thing about climbing a mountain, or nearly any height of land, in the Douglas-Fir National Monument, is not just the journey, it is also that you will see more mountains, marching to the horizon. Some of the Doug's mountains are covered with trees, some stand above the trees, and some are too rugged for trees.  
mt jefferson over trees graphic The mountains of the Douglas-Fir National Monument can be divided in two categories; the stratovolcanos and lava flows of the High Cascades and the lower Old Cascades (see Geology for more). Mt. Jefferson, Oregon's second highest peak, will always be included in any list of the Doug's mountains. Beyond that, there are almost too many to number. What is included here are only some of our favorites; there are many more to enjoy.
Browder Ridge
Chimney Peak
Coffin Mountain
Cone Peak
Iron Mountain
Mount Jefferson
Three Fingered Jack
Three Pyramids

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  Photo courtesy of William Sullivan

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