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Special Places: Mountain Lakes

tulelake graphic
Tule Lake
dalylake small graphic
Daly Lake
Photo courtesy of Sally Gosen Case
crabtree lake 5 graphic
Crabtree Lake
Photo courtesy of Ricardo Small
There are lakes scattered throughout the Doug. Nestled in the forest and capturing the essence of the High Cascades, these lakes enhance the beauty of the Douglas-Fir National Monument.
mt jefferson small graphic
Pamelia Lake
Sometimes it is hard to think of one of the Doug's lakes as anything more than a place to capture reflections. mt jefferson russell lake winter small graphic
Russell Lake
Photo Credit Darryl Loyd
Some of the Doug's lakes are seasonal, and some are gradually disappearing, as the forest encroaches on them. parkcreek3 graphic
Park Creek as it flows into Lava Lake
waterdog graphic
Water Dog Lake in the Crabtree Valley
headofqcreek graphic
Headwaters of Quartzville Creek
The Doug also has a group of not quite lakes, the wet meadows of the Doug. These areas also have their own beauty, and provide a great contrast with the surrounding forest. gordon meadows med graphic
Gordon Meadows
Photo Credit Tanya Harvey

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