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Special Places: Quartzville Creek Waterfalls

quartzfalls 3 graphic The name Quartzville Creek may suggest a small stream nestled among the trees to many not familiar with Cascade waters. The creek to the left is a creek, that flows into Quartzville Creek.
Quartzville Creek is a major stream, especially in winter, and the falls along the creek can be large and fierce.
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quartzfalls 4 graphic The easiest to find waterfalls along Quartzville Creek are those that, in winter, plunge down along the road. These are often seasonal falls, turning into seeps in the summer. Because of the road cut, these falls usually get more height of fall.
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quartzfalls 1 graphic When you hike up one of the creek valleys along the road, or look across Quartzville Creek, you can often see larger falls, along creeks that may last all year.
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Looking across Quartzville Creek, you often have to look between trees and branches to see the creeks flowing into Quartzville Creek. But if you are collecting falls, it is worth the effort. quartzfalls 7 graphic
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Quartzville Creek is big enough, and clear enough, so that it often remains clear right up to the edge of the falls. quartzfalls 9 graphic
We have been showing some of the falls along Quartzville Creek. If you are interested in more details, you can download the Quartzville Backcountry Byway pdf.
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