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Special Places: Waterfalls

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There are many waterfalls scattered throughout the Douglas-Fir National Monument. Some, like Pinnacle Falls to the left, are seasonal.

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Others flow all year, like the falls on the Middle Santiam along the Chimney Peak Trail where it crosses the river, or these falls along the upper Quartzville Creek.

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waterfall rainbow smaller graphic There are no very large falls in the Doug, such as one might see at Silver Falls State Park, but waterfalls are like rainbows; if you get lucky you can find a variety scattered throughout the Doug. The falls on either side can be found along the Quartzville Scenic Byway.
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panther creek winter graphic The waterfalls in the Doug are variable. Some, like Panther Creek, shrink between the winter flow, shown to the left, and the autumnal flow, shown to the right. Others may disappear altogether as the summer wanes. Panther Creek is one of the many falls to be seen along the Quartzville Scenic Drive. Others can be seen at Quartzville Waterfalls
panther creek graphic
egg cr waterfall graphic
Egg Creek (Middle Santiam Wilderness)
Photo courtesy of David Tvedt
Most of the Doug's waterfalls are away from the roads. You can find them, and sometimes pass in front of them, as you hike the trails of the Douglas-Fir National Monument. swamp cr waterfall graphic
Swamp Creek (Middle Santiam Wilderness)
Photo courtesy of David Tvedt
For now we have only a few waterfalls on this page because we like show the falls, as well as talk about them. There are two well developed web sites that list many waterfalls in Oregon and in the area of the Douglas-Fir National Monument. The most comprehensive is Waterfalls Northwest but Oregon Waterfalls is also helpful.
As we get more pictures of different falls, we will develop pages with pictures, available through Waterfall Details and Quartzville Falls.
moose creek falls graphic
Moose Creek Falls
Photo courtesy of David Tvedt

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