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March 17, 2019

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Hello All,

In the wake of the recent landmark Oregon Wildlands Act, Rep. Earl Blumenauer and Senator Ron Wyden are seeking input for their next public lands conservation legislation for Oregon. They are asking Oregonians to recommend areas of the public lands both worthy of and in need of congressional protection for the benefit of this and future generations.

It's time for us to raise our voices in support of the proposed Douglas-Fir National Monument.

The Friends of Douglas-Fir National Monument have been working for three years to build broad support for our proposal. We are asking you to let Rep. Blumenauer and Senator Wyden know that their next Oregon public lands conservation bill should include the proposed Douglas-Fir National Monument. 

Please take a few moments to write a personal message to your senators expressing what you value about this proposed monument.

 • Maybe you appreciate the peace and serenity you find in Crabtree Valley, Echo Basin or another magnificent stand of old growth forest.

 • Perhaps you revel in the spectacular unprotected wildflower meadows on Iron Mountain and Crescent Mountain.

 • Maybe you enjoy fishing in the pristine waters of the likes of Quartzville Creek, the Breitenbush River or the Middle Santiam River.

 • Perhaps you value the role of carbon storage and sequestration that an old-growth and restored natural forest respectively play in mitigating climate change.

 • Maybe you’d like to see the monument take its place in the Pacific Wildway, to aid the genetic diversity and migration of plants and wildlife as they respond to climate change.

• Perhaps you love camping among the old growth at Yellowbottom or House Rock Campgrounds.

• Maybe you like to challenge yourself in your off-pavement wheelchair on the Hackleman Old-growth trail.

Individually written messages are the most effective way for us persuade Congress. 

Take a moment to express whatever your passion is for the natural world by sending a short message to Rep Blumenauer and Sen. Wyden supporting the proposed Douglas-Fir National  Monument. 

Contact them through their respective websites; 

• Email Senator Wyden through his official website:
• Email Rep. Blumenauer through his official website:

Put "Douglas-Fir National Monument"  in the message topic / subject line.

If you want to send them an actual letter, here are their mailing addresses:

Senator Ron Wyden

221 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg.

Washington, D.C., 20510


Congressman Earl Blumenauer

1111 Longworth House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

(Even if you do not live in Oregon's 3rd Congressional District or are not an Oregonian, Rep. Blumenauer and Senator Wyden need to know of the widespread support for a Douglas-Fir National Monument.)

Very soon, two board members of Friends of Douglas-Fir National Monument will have the opportunity to speak directly to Rep Blumenauer and Senator Wyden about our proposal. It will be very helpful if they already have a stack of your emails and letters on their desks.

Thank you.


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