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Contacting Senator Wyden

The nominations for Wild and Scenic River designation of the waterways in the proposed Douglas-Fir National Monument have been submitted to Senator Ron Wyden, who is considering a bill to designate a number of rivers in Oregon.

You can review the nominations at WSR Nominations.
If you wish to support the nomination of a particular waterway you can send an email to Senator Wyden or send a letter to
Senator Ron Wyden
221 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, D.C., 20510

or phone Wyden's office (202) 224-5244

The text of your message will be most effective if you personalize it, especially if you have and can relate a personal experience with the particular waterway.
You might say something like:
Senator Wyden, I fully support the designation of [insert the waterway name] as a Wild and Scenic River. The scenic value of this waterway means that a riparian setback of at least 100 feet should be included in the designation.

For an examination of the importance of the last point (concerning a setback), you can look at the effect of logging along the segment of Quartzville Creek that has already been designated as a wild and scenic river,
quartzville logged graphic

and comparing it with the segment now nominated (right).

quartzville streamside graphic

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