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Crabtree Creek

The value of Crabtree Creek is in its surroundings. Crabtree Creek begins at Crabtree Lake, and the shores of Crabtree Lake shelter one of the finest stands of old growth forest in the Cascades.

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The giant trees in the relatively small Crabtree Valley around the edges of Crabtree Lake are spectacular and large, including "King Tut," measured at more than 9 feet in diameter and perhaps 270 feet tall.

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King Tut

Crabtree Creek has been nominated for Wild and Scenic River status by the Friends of Douglas-Fir National Monument and others. The area around Crabtree Lake is on BLM land, and is protected only by an administrative decision of the BLM. Designation as a wild and scenic river for its scenic value will provide some additional protection. You can review the Crabtree Creek Nomination here. You can find information on how to support the nomination here.

Photo credits: Chandra LeGue for King Tut, others Milo Mecham.

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