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Lava Lake and Inflowing Tributaries

There are several Lava Lakes in Oregon, but the Lava Lake of the High Cascades is one of a kind. Large open meadows are rare in the Cascades, but the creeks that flow into Lava Lake flow through a string of wet and dry meadows. As the name implies, Lava Lake sits in an old lava flow, representative of High Cascades volcanic activity. The meadows are laced with beautiful, high-elevation trees, shrubs and wildflowers.

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Only a short distance north of Highway 20, Lava Lake offers an opportunity to visit a unique corner of the Douglas-Fir National Monument. Beaver live along the creeks that flow into Lava Lake, and the lake shores offer a view of old growth forests and the High Cascades.

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Lava Lake and the streams that feed the lake have been nominated for Wild and Scenic River status by the Friends of Douglas-Fir National Monument and others. You can review the Lava Lakes Nomination here. You can find information on how to support the nomination here.

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