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Quartzville Creek

Arising from the western slopes of Scar Mountain inside the National Monument, Quartzville Creek flows west through the old Cascades to join the Middle Santiam at Green Peter Lake just outside the Monument boundaries. The Quartzville Creek Nation Backcountry Byway follows the creek. Visitors to Quartzville Creek enjoy seeing a unique, colorful combination of old-growth stands, cascading whitewater, water clarity, rocky outcrops and diverse vegetation of conifers and hardwoods. Much of the older forest along the byway is managed by the BLM and U.S. Forest Service to provide habitat for plant and animal species that rely on old-growth forest characteristics. While the Backcountry Byway stays close to the creek along most of the protected section, along the upper, unprotected section, the road strays further from the creek imparting a wilder character and giving more isolation for wildlife.

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A visit to Quartzville Creek includes serene pools of crystal clear water and the same clear water flowing over and through well worn river rocks. All along the Creek, there are numerous small tributaries, often with small waterfalls, flowing into Quartzville Creek.

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The portion of Quartzville Creek not already designated as a Wild and Scenic River has been nominated for Wild and Scenic River status, with more protections than the currently designated segment, by the Friends of Douglas-Fir National Monument and others. You can review the Quartzville Nomination here. You can find information on how to support the nomination here.

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