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Doin' the Doug
Some Hikes in the Proposed Douglas-fir National Monument

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Explore these pages of the Friends of Douglas-Fir National Monument Web Site. They will point you to some of the best trails within the proposed Douglas-fir National Monument.
The selected trails information is taken from
* the Willamette National Forest websites (links go to the forest service trail sites),
* the Sweet Home Ranger District's 1999 Trail Guide (the most recent available)
* William L. Sullivan's 100 Hikes/Travel Guide Central Oregon Cascades.
Every effort has been made to cross check and confirm the information given here. But unfortunately, we have not (yet) traveled every one of these trails to check the information. Readers should exercise caution in following these directions. Remember, even when these directions are accurate, this is the outdoors, which is always both beautiful and potentially dangerous.
Mileage distances are taken from Forest Service sources. For Highway 20 distances, which are usually measured "from Sweet Home" it may help to know that the Sweet Home Ranger Station is approximately 2.5 miles from whereever in Sweet Home the measurement starts.
The bracketed numbers [WSXX] are from William Sullivan's book, 100 Hikes/Travel Guide Central Oregon Cascades. Getting a copy is recommended before setting out on any of the trails described in that work.
Special care needs to be taken during the pandemic. Specialists have developed some advice concerning these special steps.

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Some of the individual pages of the Trails List have a few illustrations. These are not supplied by the Ranger District, but by the Friends.
If you have pictures of some of the trails that you would like to submit, please email them to the Friends (, along with information concerning when and where the photos were taken. If possible photos will be credited to the photographer. By submission, you transfer full rights to use to the Friends for Friends media.
Of course, the photos are only a faint representation of the wonder and real beauty that you can find by Doin' the Doug.

There is a general Trail Locator Map on the Trail List page, and most of the trails listed there have individual trail maps taken from the Forest Service Sites or other similarly reliable sites.
All maps are advisory only, and do not indicate all trail conditions and hazards. You should always exercise caution in planning and executing any visits to the Doug.
The Forest Service advises that a trailhead parking permit is necessary for many trailheads. Contact the Forest Service Ranger District Office for current requirements for the trails you want to visit.
You will need to register to go into the Wilderness areas listed in the Trails List (Middle Santiam and Menagerie Wilderness and Mt. Jefferson Wilderness), and, starting in 2021, you will need a special, limited permit for the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area. In the past wilderness permits have been available at the trailhead. Recent Forest Service websites suggest that the trailhead service has be partially or completely eliminated. Permits can still be obtained at the Ranger Stations and online.

NOTE: Most of these trails are going to be closed by snow in the winter and early spring. Depending on the snow pack, the trails may be closed from October to May.

Have fun when you hit the trail.

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